Location Astrology


Done anytime, but particularly useful when contemplating a move, feeling the need to move, or sensing that where you are living is not supporting you.

"Location Astrology" is an astrological science that reveals how different geographical locations influence your life experience. Some places will support meeting the love of your life while others will enhance your business success still others will bring up difficult changes or force you to deal with your karma and still others are your destiny locations where great things happen for your soul... and there are many others as well... places of hard work, places of sadness, places of loss... and many combinations of such.

This is an invaluable aid to relocation and travel. No matter where we go, there we are, but the Location Astrology reading shows what part of us is more at work and, thus, highlighted and accentuated in various cities and countries. This is a profoundly remarkable tool and has been one of contemporary astrology's major inventions.

Invaluable for those wanting to be aware of all the subtle yet powerful energies affecting them so they can make conscious choices and positively influence their destiny.

PricingĀ is per hour with a 10% discount for two or more hours. The time you need will depend on how much of the planet you want to consider. Contact Beverly ahead of time for more information.

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Price: $200.00

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