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Are you ready  to unfold the divine blueprint of your life,  connect with your Divine  Self , accelerate your spiritual growth, and take  your next evolutionary steps?

This reading is for you if you want  to ...



  • Own your power,  love and honor yourself and your path, and be your true, authentic self
  • Expand your vision and see the larger picture of your life
  • Become more magnetic to your higher good and to all you need
  • Surrender your personality pictures of what you think you need, and to open  to all the gifts your soul and Divine Self have for you
  • Release struggle, limitations, obstacles, and conflicts, and  experience  more peace and harmony
  • Open to the new and let go of old patterns and attachments, and open to new patterns, relationships, situations, and  circumstances that reflect the divine blueprint of your life
  • Expand your consciousness, have new awareness and  perceptions, and step onto your authentic Soul path

Beverly decodes your "Personal Unique Natal Design". She will reveal your life purpose and how to fulfill it, where you will find your best opportunities and most difficult challenges, and your lifelong patterns where you get hooked and stuck and how to get out of them gracefully and with growth. You will also receive easy to use tools and strategies for your highest success and deepest fulfillment in career, relationship, parenting, and spiritual development. This reading will change your life. This is the precursor to all readings.

Soul Path Reading

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