Relationship Composite


ASAP for any intimate relationship you really want to understand, heal, or grow with.

Our relationships provide us with some of the deepest and most mysterious experiences of our lives. Why do we feel attracted to some people, but not to others? Why does love fade away in some cases and yet last for decades in others?

Human Design can offer many insights into the inner mechanisms of relationships. The Relationship Composite can lead the way towards further personal growth and a more fulfilling relationship.

Our attraction to another person is rarely as simple as we believe it to be at the time we experience that initial fascination. What we first register about another person is only the tip of a very deep and complex iceberg. You and your partner are two distinct individuals each of whom brings to your relationship a defined personality. But what is the special ness of the attraction? What has brought you together?

Your Relationship as an Independent Entity.

The relationship which you create together is a living thing, an independent entity in its own right. It has an essential character or basic nature just as any living thing does. Once we create a relationship, we must also accept and work with the thing we have made.
The trans formative potential of your relationship may be greater than you realize. Every important human bond activates many levels of the personality, and some of these levels are unconscious and unrecognized. All of us bring our own inner issues and preconceptions into a relationship with another person. A relationship involves not only the chemistry between the two personalities, but also our unconscious images of what it is to be a man or woman. The inner images of man and woman which we all carry are really pictures of our own needs, expectations and potentials. And each deep relationship we encounter in life could activate a quite different aspect of our inner world, presenting us with very different challenges and bringing very different responses out of us.

Beverly reads "The Design of the Relationship". How does "it" best function in this world? Learn what portion is magnetic, sexual, companionship, or teacher/student; where you compete, complete or complement each other ... How to best communicate, inspire, and resolve conflict. How you change for the good, the bad, and the ugly by being together. and more. Absolutely invaluable for couples, business relationships, and parent /child connections! Beverly's language is down to earth without a lot of "terms" you can't understand...

Prerequisite of both Foundational Analysis' is required.

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