Planetary Transit


Useful at any time you want to see what new energies are available to you/affecting you in addition to your natal energies RIGHT NOW or at SOME SPECIFIC DATE

A possible week by week, or month by month explanation, depending on the needs of the client, of all the major planetary transits ( i.e. planets that are temporarily activating your dormant gates, channels, and centers due to their current placement in the sky) and how these energies impact your natal design and tendencies.More specifically, you will see exactly when you have access to manifesting or generating energy, will power or intuitive awareness, or any center that you usually do not have access to.

The consideration of this information is more pertinent to this moment in time and immediately useful to you to know how to best manage and capitalize on these energies and forces for your success.

What would it mean to you if you could read your future like you read a weather report? You could know if your future is going to be sunny, partially sunny, if it's going to sprinkle, or if there are storm warnings on your horizon; it would certainly make it easier to plan. This is the kind of information that would let you take full advantage of the sunny days and seek a warm, cozy, dry shelter from the storms. In Human Design language, you would know when you can initiate like a manifestor, or respond like generator, or trust your emotions as accurate, or beware of the emotional activation... etc...

Think of a Transit reading as your own Human Design weather station. Your reading gives you an accurate forecast of planetary influences in your life, when they will begin, their intensity, and what impact they may have. All of this is given to you in clear, easy to understand language that you don't have to be an expert to understand or use.

Invaluable for seeing what is going on right now that in your Design in addition to your natal activations. Also excellent for planning activities for a certain date or scheduling a speaking tour or travel.

** Prerequisite of your Foundational Analysis is required.

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