Chiron Return


Chiron returning to it's original position at birth happens only once a lifetime around age 49-50. You must have this reading if you want to know what the last half of your life is all about.

An absolute "must have" reading in your life after age 47 to see where you will find will the next chapter of self expansion BEYOND your natal HD reading, ( new channels, centers etc. )  and what has to happen for that to manifest.

  • Your Chiron placement always reveals a profound gift; but often this gift has been wounded, misused, left behind or doubted in some way. It is often where we get hit the most in our childhood and the Chiron return readings allow us to see where the status of our healing of this gift is in our life and where other major healing needs to be attempted or left behind..
  • Chiron often helps us reclaim some cast-off aspect of our existence.
  • Chiron is about integrating the experiences that make us aware of our true selves, our role in the community and our relationships with others.
  • Prerequisite of your HD Foundational Analysis is required.
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