Annual Solar Return

Best done between 3 months before and 3 months after your birthday yet can be done and be quite valuable at any time. A must have every year so you can know what to expect and align with it..

Your Solar Return is the time in which the Sun comes back to its exact location when you were born and occurs each year on or near your birthday. Your time of Solar Return is a moment in which your deepest Self makes a new agreement to continue with the process of you becoming you. It is a renegotiation of your contract with your Self.

Your essential nature and destiny does not change, but the way in which you live it out and explore each year does. The Design set for the moment of your Solar Return gives many hints and directions that will meet you in the subsequent year.

Learn how to:

- Work towards your purpose in life most effectively with the energy of the year

- Make the most of your life. The qualities of the Sun: vitality, creativity, and courage – can be better channeled and thus manifest what you want in your world with greater ease.

- Open doors to new ways of using your power, focus and energy.

- Make better choices; Is it time to press forward or consolidate and recharge?

- Map a clearer path to reaching life's goals and aspirations.

** Prerequisite of your HD Foundational Analysis is required.

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