Newsletter Jupiter 2013

Newsletter Jupiter 2013


Please enjoy this quick HD/Astrology update – I thought we could all share in some positive planetary enlightenment!

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LUCKY JUPITER and the GRAND TRINEjupiter--chart

Jupiter, the magnanimous planet, entered the water sign of Cancer and HD gates 15 lines 2 through gates 6,52,39,53,62,and 56 lines 1-4, on June 27, 2013, where it remains through July 16, 2014.

Jupiter, the planet of prosperity, growth, and abundance has entered the sign of Cancer where it is in its astrological exaltation. This means Jupiter in Cancer is in an extra lucky and fortuitous place, and it should prove to be a restorative and nurturing position for all of us.

Jupiter in Cancer is in the element of Water, and it is a very fertile and creative placement.

The signs which will benefit the most are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. However, everyone will benefit from this happy influence of Jupiter.

Check your chart to see what house the sign Cancer falls – or see where you have planets in the sign of Cancer – this is the house and things that will expand for you this next year, and where you will receive positive benefits. Also review your Human Design chart to see if you have these gates activated for similar benefits per that channel.

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Jupiter in Cancer is lucky for matters dealing with the home and family, and it can help bring restoration and renewal in both areas of our lives. It is great for real estate ventures, renovation, and expanding the home. There can be improvements to the home and family during this lucky transit.

July 17th is one of the luckiest days of the year, as it can help to manifest our dreams and visions.

On July 17th, there is a magical alignment of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, which form a pattern called a Grand Trine in water.

For those that have planets from 3 to 7 degrees of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, this is an opportunity which could be big. The Human Designs gates and lines that correspond are gate 52 line 1,2,3,4 (Cancer), gate 55 line 4,5,6 and gate 37 line 1, (Pisces) , and gate 28 line 2,3,4,5,6 and gate 44 line 1. (Scorpio)

Jupiter in Cancer helps us to move forward with optimism.

Saturn in Scorpio helps to bring structure to Neptune’s enlightened and romantic dreams.

A Grand Trine is a beautiful flow of energy, which brings us gifts and out-of-the-blue good fortune. The water element to this trine helps us to cleanse old wounds, just as the ocean cleanses one’s physical wounds. There is a fantastic nourishment to this energy, which allows for compassion, empathy, and security; however, you have to work a bit with Jupiter to manifest this very lucky energy and find ways to maximize the success it offers.

The Grand Trine begins on July 17, 2013 and lasts through July 19, 2013, so this is an especially important time to write down intentions and doing meditation to clear the unconscious to open it up and allow it to receive. This is a time to light candles and pray.

One downside of Jupiter in Cancer, as well as all of this water energy, is the potential for an over-abundance of emotions. Be careful of becoming too needy with this emotional energy.

Good luck to everyone!

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Much gratitude to Tisch for her astrological insight

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