Transformational Healing/Counseling

Personal and Relationship

Cutting to the Core of your Issues Quickly and Compassionately, and then Resolving them Efficiently and Permanently

Beverly’s unparalleled effectiveness as a counselor/healer is founded in her immense and diverse knowledge in the most effective, cutting edge psychological/spiritual methods available today, her extensive spiritual study and training, her vast life experience, and most importantly, her Deep, Grounded, and Aware Love-Wisdom-Presence.

Her professional accomplishments include a BA in Psychobiology, MA in Comparative Religion, Gestalt Training, Transactional Analysis training, 14 years as a top professional Human Design Analyst, and 16 years as a professional Voice Dialogue Facilitator. Her studies have included 20 years with the Diamond Approach, 10 years with Eckhart Tolle, 5 years with David Deida, and a 7 year apprenticeship with “The Guides”, an Interdimensional Presence who taught her a healing technology completely new to this planet aimed directly for the healing of our Shadow, Past Lives, and the Wounded Child matrixes that live within us. She is in one of only 3 people on the planet who facilitates this life changing and transformational healing technology.

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Julie Petyak, M.S., L.Ac.,Ventura, CA.

My experience working with Beverly was the most profound work I have ever experienced. She has an elegant and very present way about her, yet underneath that lies both a fire and wisdom that runs so incredibly deep. The most beautiful thing for me about our work is that I actually saw myself in all these amazing parts of her, under all the games I played with myself for so long it became so clear, and simply put, there we were. She brought all the beauty and strength and vulnerability and passion and my voice up and out of me again after years of deep hibernation. I cried, I sobbed really, and then I remembered. For this, and to her, I am forever grateful."

Susanne West, Professor of Psychology

Beverly  Marie Bright is gifted and I do not say this lightly. She is not  another New Age spiritual fluff type. Beverly embodies her knowing and presents herself clearly and authentically, not hiding behind ideologies or false niceness. She is refreshingly real and honest. She is a wise and deeply caring woman who is generous with her insights and her heart. I recommend her highly and I think you should get on her calendar before more of the world discovers this treasure of a being.

Catherine Lampton, International Mediator

My session with Beverly gave me a reflection of myself from a completely new mirror. I saw more deeply into my own unique nature and saw what I could change and what I could not. This has brought me more understanding, tolerance, and peace within myself. I learned how to maximize my strengths and felt much more connected to myself as a dynamic, whole human being. I found that I am nicer to myself since the session, and I have increased my ability to communicate more effectively with others.

Deborah B. Spiritual Teacher

I had my session today with Beverly and it was truly amazing. Murky parts of me that I sensed but couldn't cognize or feel my way through were made clear to me, and I feel great compassion and respect for the complexity of my being, and the particular challenges that are mine. I  can see myself with more objectivity and more tolerance, as well as more peace. My struggles are becoming clearer.  
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